Ms. Amy Willcox

5th Dan

      "I started TKD when I was in 5th grade.  I wanted to join martial arts ever since I was the Karate Kid and playing ninja with my friends.  Finally, my mom registered me in martial arts institute called Moo Sul Kwan.  I loved it, the people, the art, everything.  I use to spend every day at the dojang.  Right after school until 9pm and in the summer I taught my own classes and assisted during all of the other classes.  When I was 16 years old I was able to branch and start my own school, under Moo Sul Kwan, In Wamsutter, Wyoming.
     "I loved to teach and participate in TKD; it was a big part of my life growing up.  I continued my training through public school and on into college.  While in college Moo Sul Kwan split up its organization due to differences of opinions and views.  After the split, the organization began to loose many of its core values and I no longer felt that they wanted good students; just students with money, which I didnít have.  Unfortunately I lost my ties with Moo Sul Kwan and had to practice on my own and eventually not at all.
     "After a few years of fighting wild land fire and changing jobs in the summer, I found a good job in Casper.  I was able to settle down a bit and realize that I was missing something in my daily life.  I joined gyms, partook in the nightlife, worked extra hours.  But nothing seemed to fit.  Eventually it hit me; Taekwondo.  I was missing structure, discipline, and all of the other great things that TKD had given me in the past.
     "I began looking around for taekwondo schools in Casper and many were friendly but most lacked structure, history or only seemed to have part of TKDís values.  After some diligent searching I found a small building (slightly damaged and windows boarded up) called Martins TKD.  I went in and felt almost at home.  On the wall were the tenets of TKD, the student creed, patterns and the flags.  Master Martin (although at the time I didnít know he was a master instructor because in Moo Sul Kwan the master instructors didnít talk to any one ďbelowĒ them) greeted me.  He took the time to discuss a little bit about what the organization was about and invited me to watch class.  After two classes I was hooked!  Although sometimes frustrated and confused everyone has made me feel right at home.  I love TKD, the punching and kicking, the physical fitness, the discipline, but most of all I love the people.

Thank you all!

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