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Mr. Anthony Giese

Baghdad Taekwon-Do

     As many of you know, Mr. Giese is currently serving a tour of duty in Baghdad with the National Guard.  In a brief e-mail, he says, ". . . I have a school here in Baghdad.  I call it Baghdad Taekwon-do, how original!  I have about twelve students from the units stationed on our base.  I teach six days a week, 3 nights and 3 mornings."  He went on to say that he had given Mr. Nania a CD of the following pictures of himself and his students, and has graciously allowed us to share them with all of us.  Thanks to Mr. Nania for the loan of the CD. Please join us in wishing Mr. Giese and his students an uneventful tour, and hoping they all come home safely!

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